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I live in a subdevelopment in the city. It is a relatively small city in comparison, but it is still a city to me as it is the biggest city I've lived in. In this subdevelopment, there is a lake that was made to form, like a river, around the houses curving and winding along. About a month ago, a group of three ducks began traversing this lake: two girls and a guy. My stepmom began to feed them.

So, the duckies began to stick around. Needless to say, with two girls and one guy, the guy was very happy.

Between our house and this lake is a tree. There are bushes circling the tree and those are circled by little blocks so that the area around the tree is a flowerbed (with bushes rather than flowers). As the guy was very happy, both girls ended up laying eggs, making a nest between the bushes and the tree. 15 eggs total, as I was able to count them before the girls began covering them with dirt a few days afterwards.
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I have a doggy named Bear. My stepmom has one named Rocky. Her mom has one named Mikey. So, we have three little doggies. Bear is the oldest and is the calmest. When let outside, he tends to stay near and be good. He tends to be friendly to everyone and is curious more than territorial. Rocky is the opposite. He is the youngest. He tends to run away. He'd prefer to attack someone he doesn't know rather than find out who they are. He isn't dangerous, mind you; he is only 10 pounds. Mikey is somewhat in between. He's all set to run with Rocky at any time, but he varies between being curious and territorial. The area in back of our house, the area between our house and the lake, is the area we let these three adorable doggies out to go potty.

When Bear first met the duckies, he was curious. He tried to get as close as possible, very slowly, sniffing to see what they were and if they could be friends. The duckies didn't want that, so Bear now tends to go potty and come inside, ignoring them. Sometimes Mikey ignores them, and sometimes he chases. Rocky will do anything in his power to chase them. If he gets outside when they are there, he will attack. If he is outside and they are in the lake, he will bark furiously until they swim away. If he is outside and they attempt to come onto land, he will attack. He once almost caught one by the neck and, luckily for the duck, my stepmom grabbed him in time. We found a feather in his mouth.

Anyways, the duckies ended up laying these fifteen eggs. For two nights, the girls sat on them doing what any mother duck would do. Then, for some reason, they disappeared. For three days, we didn't see the duckies at all and yet the little eggs were there in their nest. I was looking forward to little duckies, though I was worried about what would come of it -- with two attack dogs ready to eat them at any moment. My stepmom and her mom shared that sentiment. After three days, the three duckies came back, this time with another guy around -- you can tell he is younger. The two guys fight a lot (particularly when the younger guy tries to jump on one of the girls; they older guy doesn't like that much) but that isn't part of this story.

Yes, the girls came back. No, they didn't seem to remember their eggs. They come up in our yard. They swim back and forth in front of our house. They'll come to the door and stand there until you feed them. But they won't come anywhere near that tree. Now, two weeks later, we became worried about the little eggs and what to do. Every once in a while I peek in on them to see if anything is going on. Every once in a while I see shell pieces where an animal got in.

Today, I got home and my stepmom's mom said that she had a story for me. "Just five to ten minutes ago, I took them (the doggies) out. Mikey came down the way (along the lake) with me and Bear, of course, stayed right by the house. Then I started wondering where Rocky went. So, I walked back and saw him up by the tree." As a side note, for the past week, he has taken a liking to walking on the blocks circling the "flowerbed" and sniffing the eggs. Up to this point in time he would sniff, we would call him, he would come. Now, back to her story. "So, I looked in on him and he was eating one of the eggs!!!" O_O

So, I called my stepmom as Rocky is hers. I let her know that her little boy had discovered a food delicacy. She screamed out EEEEEEEWWWWW.

For the past week, as I said, we have been wondering what to do. The duckies obviously did not care about their eggs and didn't want them. Animals -- including Rocky -- had begun to eat the eggs. Without warmth (a momma duck sitting on them), they would not hatch. They would rot. We had decided to wait a bit and then, if necessary, throw them into the lake. My stepmom asked me to do that today when I called her because she didnt' want Rocky eating anymore of them. So, I did. There were 10 complete whole eggs; the ones on the bottom that had been buried where the largest. There were 2 broken half-shells. So, three disappeared. It was very sad to throw them into the lake, burying them at sea. For a few weeks, they had been there and we had been following the story. Deep down, we were hoping for little duckies. Instead, I had to throw them out into the lake to be eaten by fish. Because their parents didn't want them, they will never get a chance to live. They will never be born. They will never learn to fly or swim or walk or breathe. They will never swim along and find their own adopted human family to feed them bread whenever they visit. They will never have their own little eggs to care for. They don't even get a chance.

Thinking about this, I naturally began to consider the connection between the duckies and humans. What, in all honesty, is the difference between leaving eggs -- your children -- out to rot and having an abortion? Nothing. Either way, they will never have the chance to live because you have decided that you dont' want them. It is such a miracle to create a living thing yourself. But to give that up, to just throw it away and leave it to rot, because you don't want it. The second the sperm meets the egg, in my opinion, a living thing is created. To throw that away? There are so many other people who can't do that no matter how hard they try and no matter how much they want it. They would give anything for that living thing that you are so easily killing. You don't want it. Ok. Don't kill it before it has a chance. Someone else wants it. Someone else can take care of it.

It is too bad that there weren't other duckies around that could take care of those eggs. It makes me wonder if there are other duckies out there that wish they could have babies of their own. But now there are ten "aborted babies" at the bottom of our lake. Ten who never got the chance to live.

EDIT:// We named the duckies. I named the small boy Ito (the Spanish suffix for "little"), My stepmom named the big guy and the big girl Gomez and Morticia (sp?) and her mom named the little girl Wiandotte (wine-dot). :) So, in the picture above, the girl duck up front is Morticia. The one behind her is Wiandotte and the guy is Gomez. That picture was taken before Ito joined the group. :)

Posted by Skye on 07 Jun 2006

So now you know . . . | comments (2) |

This is what happens to my mind when I'm sleepy. So now you know and now you can't blame me. ^.^ Excerpt from a convo with Qin Pei. She was working on a layout so didn't say much.


[23:19] qinpei: still wandering?
[23:20] skye: mm
[23:20] skye: when im sleepy my mind doesn't let me do something . . . i can't think of the word . . .
[23:21] skye: damn. i must be tired
[23:21] skye: ok. what is the word? it means a good use of time.
[23:21] skye: something that is ........
[23:21] skye: ugh
[23:21] qinpei: ummm
[23:22] skye: "provocative" is the only thing that comes to mind but thats not it at all. o_O
[23:22] qinpei: ohh
[23:23] skye: does it start with a p?
[23:23] skye: something that is a good use of your time is . . . .
[23:23] qinpei: not sure
[23:23] skye: lol
[23:23] qinpei: ?
[23:23] skye: im trying to trick my mind into figuring it out
[23:23] qinpei: lol
[23:23] skye: hence fill in the blank questions
[23:24] skye: something that isn't a good use of time is referred to as a waste of time or _________. something, therefore, that is a good use of time would be a _________.
[23:24] skye: or would be _________ (without the a)
[23:24] skye: waste of time = un_________
[23:25] skye: damn
[23:25] skye: i can't get it
[23:25] qinpei: productive?
[23:25] skye: THANK YOU
[23:25] skye: I LOVE YOU
[23:25] skye: lol
[23:25] qinpei: LoL
[23:25] skye: i told you it started with a p
[23:25] skye: :-P
[23:25] skye: and productive, provocative. they sound similar
[23:25] skye: hehe
[23:25] qinpei: lol


So, if you're asking yourself why isn't there one of Skye's thought provoking posts, you know why. She can't do anything provocative because she's sleepy. ~.o

Posted by Skye on 31 May 2006

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